Pink Lemonade Stand Session

Good Morning,

Oh my goodness, you are about to get a HUGH dose of cuteness!! This is Wyatt, and for her First Birthday party, she is have a Pink Lemonade theme party. When her mom called me, I went straight to making the props for this session. We took them at her house under a huge tree with plenty of shade.  I have to say the lemonade stand fit her perfect!


DSC_0219_edited-1 copy2

She played with the lemons as though she was actually working at the lemonade stand! It was also good since it gave her something to hold too, allowing her to stand, capturing that one year milestone of pulling up and standing.


She even tried a lemon! Of course she did not like it but she made some of the cutest faces!!


Her mother and I loved these pictures!! She didn’t try to bite into any more lemons after this!!

I hope you enjoy  looking at these cute the Lemonade Stand Session photos. Tomorrow I will continue this session with the Cake Smashing photos!!

Have a bless day,